Monthly Archives: November 2011

success breeds success

At today’s weigh-in at the gym, I narrowly avoided "trainer scorn" by managing to ditch the vacation weight. And I’ve eaten clean enough for the last week to feel like I’m in the groove without cravings or hunger. I give myself credit for packing lunch and snacks and taking the time to eat them.

Reaching my goals takes time and energy and I am making both available. I am following a recommendation to eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight. My aim is to preserve lean muscle mass while I reduce excess fat. I weigh-in next in two weeks.

My trainer loaned me The Four-Hour Body, An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex** and Becoming Superhuman. Okay, it bugs me that the phrases are not constructed in parallel. Nevertheless, I’m off to do a little light reading.

**men, don’t carry your cell phones in your trousers pocket. Get a purse.


I am feeling quite pleased with myself. Time to be more vigilant! Nothing spoils success like success.

Four lbs kicked to the curb since last week.

I decided I ought to write a diet book on how to lose weight by eating chocolate every day. With that title, I predict a runaway best seller.