21DSD T-1 ready?

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I did my “big shop” yesterday: chard, cauliflower, zucchini, Italian chicory, peppers, cucumbers, Granny Smith apples, pink grapefruit, pork shoulder, fresh salmon, smoked salmon, eggs, pork belly, pheasant and chicken bones, and on. I made stock overnight from the chicken thigh bones leftover from dinner. And we smoked the back bacon yesterday. I use the Royal We, but in fact, Jeff watched the smoker temperature all day. I helped by curing the meat for a week, flipping it in the smoker and then putting it away this morning.

Today I’m going to roast the pork shoulder and use up the ground beef I bought a couple days ago. And practice what I preach: sketch out some meals using the  meal planning forms I found on the internet. Each of these forms provides a space for planning breakfast. I felt confused at first. I’ve never really planned a week of breakfasts. Then it occurred to me that mornings would be easier if I at least decided in advance what the possibilities were. THIS planner turned out to be my current favorite. Organized by meal category (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner), this form includes space for seven ideas for each meal category. Then you can check off each meal after you make it.

The 21DSD book has meal plans and recipes. I want to keep it simple this week. I will try some “tried-n-true” and some new.

Interested in small group support? I am organising coaching support, probably with a couple weeks of testing later this month. I hope to be ready to start in February. Meanwhile, there is a lot of support in the official Detox Forum. You can find more information here. Lots of guides, lists, recipes and friendly people too.


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  1. As I am not a breakfast person (my brain wakes around eleven), I have had to just do the same breakfast over and over again to ensure that I actually eat it. I throw stuff in a blender, choke it down and pat myself on the back. Boring? Yes, but it makes me compliant somehow. I’m huge on culinary ADD once finally awake upstairs, but breakfast is a struggle, so I routinize it to death.

    • what do you make for breakfast? I’m enjoying pheasant bone broth this morning!

      • Water, PB2 (defatted peanut powder), chocolate protein powder and, just to keep my gut happy- some toasted oat cereal blended in. Will stop the cereal as my gut improves. When B was on regular breakfasts, it was diced bacon sauteed with onion and kale shreds scrambled into eggs. My go-to fuel breakfast before a long workout dkay is sauteed plantains and bacon into a scramble- but I am months away from that at the mo’.

  2. Yum! (why are you awake? It was fun chatting yesterday!)


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