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A sore throat woke me several times during the night. Not a great way to start the day. I skipped breakfast, again. Ate on the fly, again. Made good choices. After “dutchfit” lifting after work, I was really hungry. Banana cooked in coconut milk was very satisfying.

Nutrition Points: lost one on a latte; WOD check. MOB: check. Oil: check.

This morning I am thinking if I always do what I’ve always done, then I will always get what I’ve always gotten.

So I made breakfast. Every day we start anew



Whole Life Challenge 4 – the dark side of a point system

I did not plan my food today, except for the 2 minutes right before I ate. Zero nutrition points today. Because you can’t get a negative value for the day, I indulged in a half pint of Ben & Jerry’s too. The first skid came on my way to give a lecture, late (since I was at the gym) and expensive (since I had to take a taxi – the tram route was closed due to Princess Day, below). I figured a nut bar was better than going hungry.

More trouble as I was rushing to another appointment, walking past a shop where I have enjoyed many latte’s. So I had one. That hit the spot. And spilled on my slacks.

A busy couple hours followed. And I didn’t get home until nearly 7pm. And I had dinner duty and hadn’t planned. I thought that I’d have left earlier and been able to shop. I made leftovers from hotdogs and spaghetti, with cheddar cheese, garlic and chopped onions, and eggs. I didn’t eat it (so as to avoid the spaghetti). Instead I had a chunk of cheddar and some olives. Third point gone. Open the flood gates. Might as well eat some of the BJ’s my son took out of the freezer.

This is a good reminder that I cannot skip planning or skip meals. That is not a healthy habit.

Nevertheless, I kept the rest of my points – oil, w.o., mob. Onward.

Whole Life Challenge 2

Points. What does it mean to earn them? How much work am I willing to do? Plan for success.

Breakfast – Spent a point for dairy at the hotel, which served yogurt and cold cuts and lots of cereal and bread. I was hungry and didn’t see the hard boiled eggs until after I had eaten the yogurt.

nothing I wanted to eat.

Snack – I chose not to get the waffle and ice cream and fruit while out hiking. It looked delicious, but I decided the fresh raspberries and plums would be plenty. Yay me.

Fresh raspberries and plums were better.

Lunch on the road – beef liver and onions and tomato soup.

Dinner – under preparation at home. Total Control.

Fish oil. Check
Mobility. Yoga – sun salutations and stretching.
Movement. 5k hike and 20 min bike ride.

So the holiday weekend in the South is over. And I’m looking forward to keeping all my points this week. You?

Whole Life Challenge I

I rode the course for the World Road Cycling Championships on Saturday. 166 km. Lots of hills. Very cool to be following the “men’s elite course!”

Getting there (2.5 hrs away from home) and getting started by 8 a.m kept my attention. I had breakfast at the hotel, which offered little fresh food. So I decided today would be a zero for food. I could have planned a paleo recovery meal, but had fries instead and had a cafe latte after dinner without thinking about the WLC until after it arrived. I ate enough gel on the ride today that I never want to eat anything sweet ever again. But I made the rest of the day’s points. Stretched after 100 miles of cycling, and remembered the fish oil first thing in the morning.