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I’m 47 48sh!t 49 51. I’m an adult-onset athlete. Last year In 2010, I ran my first marathon. I also competed in my first Half Iron distance triathlon. The course was too hard (freakin’ huge hills); I was too fat. In 2011, I tried again and finished! I picked a flatter course (Antwerp 70.3)*** and I’ve been burning off body fat and building muscle. In 2012, I summited The Grand Teton, competed in the Women’s Elite division and raced two sprint triathlons, and cycled two Centuries. We trekked 110km of the King’s Road in Sweden, above the Arctic Circle, in 2013. And I climbed Death Canyon in 2014. Life is wonderful.

Again this New Years, I’ve been eating Paleo. I like it. When I eat items containing gluten, I’m noticing I don’t feel so good. I want to motivate myself to be Pure Paleo for 30 days and see how I feel. Robb says, Give Paleo a Chance. Well, Okay then.

I’m also leading 21-Day Sugar Detox adventures with Balanced Bites, soon to be a certified coach. If you want to join in the fun (private forum, how-to guides, and the like), click here for more information!
Other reasons why I bother. two words. rheumatoid arthritis. diabetes. okay, that’s three words. but they’re in my gene pool. and I figure if my body’s genetically adapted to certain foods and not others, why not try for the best expression of my genetic potential. And diabetes. I had it while pregnant. I don’t want it again. So, mind the carbs, would you please? The down-side of eating Pure Paleo? I’m not seeing any.

I like to cook. I’ll share some tips and strategies. Maybe you’ll like being pure too.

***updated – I finished. 7:24

Bragging rights.


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  1. Love your first sentence there! Lol.


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