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the count-down continues

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I keep writing this post in my mind but visit with my family instead of giving them my back. My mail order chia seeds arrived. I finally found a Dutch distributor and I love them. They have so much fiber that I feel full after eating "chia raspberry coconut pudding." Rice pudding never makes me feel full.

Anyway I had a rest day Tuesday and ran and swam today. I was very pleased with the run. The swim was harder than expected, I hope due to the conditions in the sea. I had a couple moments here and there where my stroke came together and I felt fast and powerful. When I got home I realised a seam in my wetsuit had separated. This gives me something to worry about. I’ve already written the manufacturer in a panic.

sports drink x2 [truly wacks the sugars up] & ice cream
F 55.7g 26%
C 267.6g 56%
P 89.2g 19%
(smoothies, chia, egg white, burger with cheddar cheese dollop, sweet potato, B&J cookie dough)

clean eats. "chia pudding"
F 111g 47%
C 153.6g 29%
P 124.7g 24%
(salad, tuna, eggs, chicken, chia & rasberry)

I will experiment with some chia recipes and share them. Delicious. like vegetarian caviar, without the salt. Yum Yum.



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Having to write tonight helped me choose food well. Coffee and milk for breakfast and mid-morning snack. Tuna salad on bed of greens with tomato and two hard-boiled eggs, plus some tasty pate. Dinner was quick and light before yoga. Meatballs in tomato sauce. Plus a yellow pepper. And a peach.

We returned from yoga just as the rain started (again). Snacks after yoga: banana, a peach and blueberries and more tuna.

Total Calories 1379
62g Fat 40%
134g Carbs 38%
80 g P 22%

The evening fruit added a lot of carbs. But also recharged after the bike rides and a 90 minute class. I feel satisfied. Now if I can wean myself of milk in my morning coffee.

Success requires managing the factors within our control.

Challenging myself to eat for my health

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at the end of may, work got really busy and I stopped writing posts. I’ve continued to train for the half ironman race next sunday. When I got into the speed work or high intensity part of my training, I stopped trying to lose weight and focused on training. I also relaxed my eating and began eating more white food.

Needless to say I gain weight when I eat croissants and ice cream.  I decided I’d focus on losing weight again after the race. And try another 30 days of pure paleo. In planning race day nutrition, I was reading the blog of nell stephenson, paleo ironman.

So I’ve decided why wait to start. I feel better and have better energy.  What have I got to lose?

So. A daily post from me with a menu and something useful perhaps.  And in a week, a great post-race report from Antwerp.