Challenging myself to eat for my health

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at the end of may, work got really busy and I stopped writing posts. I’ve continued to train for the half ironman race next sunday. When I got into the speed work or high intensity part of my training, I stopped trying to lose weight and focused on training. I also relaxed my eating and began eating more white food.

Needless to say I gain weight when I eat croissants and ice cream.  I decided I’d focus on losing weight again after the race. And try another 30 days of pure paleo. In planning race day nutrition, I was reading the blog of nell stephenson, paleo ironman.

So I’ve decided why wait to start. I feel better and have better energy.  What have I got to lose?

So. A daily post from me with a menu and something useful perhaps.  And in a week, a great post-race report from Antwerp.


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