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dusting off the ol’ blog and 21 days of pleasure

I fell asleep at the wheel, figuratively, and I have developed a cushion around my middle.

[I just deleted several sentences in which I was pointlessly explaining my sins.]  I turn 50 in a couple weeks, and I want life-long health at a cellular level. And thinner thighs.  

I would like to model my nutritional beliefs by displaying a lean physique, rather than a middle-aged middle. So I’m starting a 21 day sugar detox tomorrow. And what better way than sharing my travails and successes here.  I picked Diane’s book 21dsd after my favorite mother-in-law introduced me to her beautiful writing and delicious recipes in Practical Paleo, a book I wish I had written. It’s smart and thorough. A shout out to Ann for giving me a copy of PP. 

Next year, which is really just weeks away, I’m  venturing out on my own, after nearly 30 years of institutional shelter.  I am following my passion, which is helping people feel good about themselves and the stories they tell about their lives.  This blog is part of that effort.  

I will spare you the gory details of weight, body fat, measuring tape, ad nauseum. Instead, meal plans and recipes. Because everyone has a body to feed and meal plans and recipes make success easier. And that’s what I’m about. Sharing.

So here’s my little phoenix bursting out of the fire, a photo that showed up when I challenged the Benevolent Universe to send me a gift of purple feathers. And voila! This is it! 





I completed a Level 1 Crossfit training certification this weekend. Now I’m apparently an ambassador. Yikes.

One of the presentations covered nutrition. Coach Denise challenged us to think about the food decisions we make every day. We’re confronted with at least 15 every day: how much P, C, or F x three meals & two snacks. Add to that a couple of opportunities to say no thanks!

My daily food choices can unravel my training efforts. Case in point: I’ve watched my weight creep up five pounds this fall as I’ve eaten more carbs. Not a lot more (denial!), just enough though. And that’s not the direction I want to go.

Coach Denise asked us to think about 23:1. We put in one hour of training every day; what are we doing with the other 23?

This week I’m focusing on changing just one thing: eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking.

I’m adding this habit to the one I started last week, which I am continuing to do: Photograph/record every bite. (I created a private blog for this record keeping since I cannot fathom anyone else besides me finding it interesting. I could be wrong though.)