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Days 7-9 (M-W)

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I had intended to post every day with a full confession of eats.  However, I’m working on a deadline and working very intensively. I’m sleeping well, eating well and training as usual, which makes me feel happy. It used to be that I’d give up these things when I was working on a deadline. Having a lot of deadlines meant I ended up tired, fat and unfit. That way of being didn’t t serve my ability to meet deadlines.

So the skinny on Pure Paleo is that I’ve had — eek – two lattes with milk in the last three days, and two fake pudding desserts.  And two pieces of hard candy while taking a test the other night. I doubt it did any good. Now for my act of contrition. None.  Look forward, not back.

Percentage of Calories
1753 92.0g
Percentage of Calories
1788 58.3g
Percentage of Calories
1042 34.8g
Percentage of Calories
1559 59.9g

Days 5 & 6 (Friday & Saturday)

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I worked late Friday and made a nice steak when I got home.  I logged my food, caught up on Thursday’s post and went to bed. Food report: fruit smoothie with avocado, coconut milk and protein powder. Tea;  eggs and bacon, black coffee; veal, salad, beets; a pear; steak, Chinese vegetables, coconut milk,  red chard, a tangerine and a piece of chocolate.

Meal Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Breakfast 245 13.6g 20.1g 10.0g
Snack #1 338 25.3g 4.9g 22.5g
Lunch 380 13.1g 12.5g 49.2g
Snack #2 94 0.0g 22.7g 0.7g
Dinner 582 33.5g 30.5g 41.4g
Total 1639 85.5g

Today I was glad to see the scale dropped again. 160.5.  I studied French grammar today and drank two cups of coffee, which made my chest feel like I had a train racing through it.  Interesting. I think I’ll stick with the Oolong tea. I added some cream to the espresso. But I didn’t like it.  I had a feeling of nostalgia and thought I’d enjoy this like I used to. But I didn’t. Oh well.

Food log for today: Eggs and bacon on grilled zucchini, spinach; coffee with cream;  smoothie with avocado and coconut milk, protein powder; ham and red pepper;  “Balance” bar from last summer that I dug out of a drawer while studying (blech); grilled burger with tomato, 1/4 avocado;  another coffee and more studying.  A couple pieces of chocolate.  **Today’s total is higher than the rest of the week, and higher in carbs too. And lower than in exercise  too.

Meal Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Breakfast 322 17.7g 19.1g 20.0g
Snack #1 343 16.5g 28.4g 20.0g
Lunch 338 15.0g 32.0g 19.5g
Snack #2 125 1.9g 8.4g 18.2g
Dinner 465 31.9g 12.2g 32.2g
Snack #3 160 9.0g 20.0g 2.0g
Percentage of Calories
1753 92g

I find this a little boring to write out. But paying attention to what I eat and how much has brought me closer and closer to my goal.  I’m almost there, and I feel secure in my ability to get there and stay there. I like how I feel eating like this. Though it’s a little boring to have just sweet potatoes, pumpkinor beets as a starch.  On the other hand, I feel good eating like this.  I’m leaning out.

**My perception is totally inaccurate. Both calories and carbs are in line with the week’s average.  Must be guilt over the chocolate.

Party vs Paleo. Day 4

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I’m a day behind in posting. But I’m sticking to this.  I moved categories on the scale to “normal body weight” on Thursday. I’m within about 10 pounds of my goal, and I’m really happy about this. I can almost touch it.

And I had an office party in the evening.  I ate delicious items that included wheat. I forgot about my Paleo Pledge, feeling heady with the scale success. I thought a little won’t matter. I enjoyed breaded veal and some mushroom risotto. And a couple of cranberry orange muffins. Ironically, one of my colleagues is allergic to nuts. He asked about ingredients before taking anything from the pot luck table. It didn’t occur to me that I could make the same kind of choice not to eat something. I went for the muffins because half-way through the evening I was hungry again. I didn’t feel satisfied after the veal, salad and risotto.  (I hate estimating party food.)

The scale was up a pound this  morning. Any of a variety of causes could be true, including a lot of muscle soreness from yesterday’s weight lifting.  But the downward trend continues. And I’m moving on from the party meal. Back to the land of purity. And awareness.

Meal Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Breakfast 237 18.9g 8.3g 10.9g
Snack #1 291 22.0g 4.1g 19.3g
Lunch 333 9.0g 29.4g 37.2g
Dinner 810 30.8g 113.8g 27.8g
Dessert 135 6.5g 19.0g 1.5g
Percentage of Calories
1806 87.2g

slip sliding away. Day 3

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I worked late and when I got home the computer was in use well past my bedtime. I didn’t try to post from my phone. Getting enough sleep is really important. It is while we sleep that the body recovers, grows, repairs, etc. So if I really want the benefit of my training, I need to sleep enough. Good, deep sleep.

Meals yesterday were “Paleo Enough”, meaning I relied on protein shakes since I am quite busy and didn’t prepare my food in advance. Somehow the entire day slipped by without my drinking any coffee. Probably one of the first times that’s happened in 30 years. The Oolong tea has a strong flavor that I like in the morning, and I didn’t even think about having coffee. I am having a much easier time making my numbers for weight loss without drinking milk.

Roll call: protein shake with some berries and coconut cream and avocado; scrambled eggs and bacon with salad garnish; tuna salad out of a packet (good MRE if you don’t read the ingredients); and then fruit.

I was improvising since I didn’t bring my food and needed to work late. The canteen didn’t offer anything I would eat except fruit. So I made several selections and ate then until I got home: a navel orange, a banana and a pear. Plus, as the dirty container reminds me, a protein shake.

Dinner: steak grilled in the pan with butter and garlic chunks, spinach and lingonberries in a reduction of balsamic vinegar. Cashews while cooking.

Meal Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Breakfast 348 25.7g 15.1g 16.5g
Snack #1 392 22.1g 28.5g 20.4g
Lunch 135 8.2g 2.4g 12.9g
Snack #2 438 10.2g 69.6g 17.8g
Dinner 549 35.1g 16.9g 43.8g
Percentage of Calories
1862 101.3g

Pure enough. Day 2.

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(I sent this post just after midnight yesterday by email from my phone. It hasn’t shown up. So I’m reposting it. Otherwise I look like a slacker. And I’m not.)

First I have to ask why my gym has a candy bowl, pictured, by the door. Despite the germ factor, I will admit that in the past I’ve eaten some of these mints. But not today.

Food felt rushed. I squeezed eating into a busy day. To me, “pure paleo” doesn’t include protein powder supplements or teri-yaki beef jerky from a vending machine, but I had my reasons. They would being busy and not planning ahead. And I don’t have my numbers yet for the day, which is already yesterday. I will add them tomorrow. Rather, in the morning.

Food. I am doing great with no milk. That was the point of this blog, I think. Oolong Tea in the morning is good. At the office, I limited myself to one black coffee. Sometimes when I think I’m hungry, it’s really just thirst that my body is signaling. So roll call for today’s eats.

  • Fruit smoothie, protein powder and coconut milk.
  • Eggs and bacon and some salad garnish.
  • At the gym, fresh juice and protein powder.
  • Fish and carrots and salad.
  • Walnuts, tomato, half a small bag of beef jerky from the vending machine. A chunk of banana from a colleague who traded for some of my walnuts.
  • Home-made Chinese vegetables and chicken soup. Before swimming.
  • Tangerine, fruit smoothie. After swimming.

I don’t normally eat a lot of fruit. But I was quite hungry today after the gym, and hungry after the pool too.

Meal Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Breakfast 193 3.5g 24.9g 19.3g
Snack #1 302 22.1g 6.5g 19.9g
Lunch 325 5.9g 48.8g 20.6g
Snack #2 295 9.2g 19.2g 37.8g
Dinner 288 17.4g 2.0g 29.0g
Snack #3 152 0.6g 34.0g 2.1g
Percentage of Calories
1555 58.7g

Stupid paleo. Day 1.

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These treats are in my office for guests. Not me.  Having declared my intention to be pure, I stopped myself from sampling them when I thought I would have to ‘fess up.

When I am writing on a deadline, like now, I like to nibble. I used to like Good-n-Plenty’s while writing.  Instead today I  nibbled on walnuts. Next time I’ll get some baby carrots.

I’ll be back to rat on myself about the day’s eats.  This morning, I enjoyed Oolong Ti Kwan-Yin. It was really good.  No milk. Then some black coffee at the office.  No latte.

I’d like to eliminate coffee too since it’s so acidic.  And because I found out last night that another close family member has an auto-immune disease.  But one successful change at a time.

Okay, here’s the recap: Ti Kwan Yin Oolong. Egg poached on spinach. A little bacon.  A little coconut oil.  Serious craving for cafe latte in the elevator when the smell of the contents of my colleague’s cup wafted over me. Black coffee instead. With scrambled eggs and two slices of deli ham.  From the canteen.

Lunch: strange looking roasted half chicken from the canteen. I peeled back the skin and the fat and picked at the meat. Then washed my hands. green beans. Not pure paleo, but green. A couple new potatoes. Not pure either, but okay.  Cucumber slices, tomato slices, walnuts. Salad greens grubbed straight from the bag. Snack:  More walnuts and some raw tuna.

Dinner: Lean boneless pork chops, spinach. Grass-fed butter. A cup of mixed frozen berries, defrosted, with a Tblsp. of coconut milk and a tsp. palm sugar.  The berries were too sour. Palm sugar is the new cool, eco food. It tasted like brown sugar and wasn’t too sweet. I don’t usually eat sugar. But I figured it was better choice  than Splenda for dealing with the berries.

1633 F 99.2g
C 68g
P 119.2g

Monday I’m going to be pure.

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You have 17 weeks and 6 days before your Half Ironman triathlon on 7/24/2011.

I want to get to racing weight before I get to the starting line.  My goal is to get below 150 lbs. and 25 % body fat. Currently, I weigh 162 lbs and the TANITA at the gym says 31 %.

Since January I had  been steadily dropping about 1 lb a week. It’s leveled out recently. So I want to up my game.  I’m enjoying Robb Wolf‘s new book The Paleo Diet Solution.  Monday, pure paleo.  Photos, stats, accountability.  What’s in it for you?  Subscribe to this blog, leave me comments, and you will have extraordinarily good luck for the rest of the day.

Why not today?  Well, I started the morning chained to my espresso pot. Someone put milk in my latte. It wasn’t me, I swear.  Tomorrow, I’ll be pure.