Days 5 & 6 (Friday & Saturday)

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I worked late Friday and made a nice steak when I got home.  I logged my food, caught up on Thursday’s post and went to bed. Food report: fruit smoothie with avocado, coconut milk and protein powder. Tea;  eggs and bacon, black coffee; veal, salad, beets; a pear; steak, Chinese vegetables, coconut milk,  red chard, a tangerine and a piece of chocolate.

Meal Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Breakfast 245 13.6g 20.1g 10.0g
Snack #1 338 25.3g 4.9g 22.5g
Lunch 380 13.1g 12.5g 49.2g
Snack #2 94 0.0g 22.7g 0.7g
Dinner 582 33.5g 30.5g 41.4g
Total 1639 85.5g

Today I was glad to see the scale dropped again. 160.5.  I studied French grammar today and drank two cups of coffee, which made my chest feel like I had a train racing through it.  Interesting. I think I’ll stick with the Oolong tea. I added some cream to the espresso. But I didn’t like it.  I had a feeling of nostalgia and thought I’d enjoy this like I used to. But I didn’t. Oh well.

Food log for today: Eggs and bacon on grilled zucchini, spinach; coffee with cream;  smoothie with avocado and coconut milk, protein powder; ham and red pepper;  “Balance” bar from last summer that I dug out of a drawer while studying (blech); grilled burger with tomato, 1/4 avocado;  another coffee and more studying.  A couple pieces of chocolate.  **Today’s total is higher than the rest of the week, and higher in carbs too. And lower than in exercise  too.

Meal Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Breakfast 322 17.7g 19.1g 20.0g
Snack #1 343 16.5g 28.4g 20.0g
Lunch 338 15.0g 32.0g 19.5g
Snack #2 125 1.9g 8.4g 18.2g
Dinner 465 31.9g 12.2g 32.2g
Snack #3 160 9.0g 20.0g 2.0g
Percentage of Calories
1753 92g

I find this a little boring to write out. But paying attention to what I eat and how much has brought me closer and closer to my goal.  I’m almost there, and I feel secure in my ability to get there and stay there. I like how I feel eating like this. Though it’s a little boring to have just sweet potatoes, pumpkinor beets as a starch.  On the other hand, I feel good eating like this.  I’m leaning out.

**My perception is totally inaccurate. Both calories and carbs are in line with the week’s average.  Must be guilt over the chocolate.


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  1. Wow…. Some detail there! Really sorry I managed to delete your comment from my page! Not quite sure how I did it but I retrieved what you said via my email updates. What detail you manage to include here by the way. It helps doesn’t it? That little bit of public shame/accountability. Keep it up 🙂


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