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June: Paleo + portion control = success

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Apologies first. Several weeks ago, after a flurry of recipe-writing, I went AWOL.  I came down with bronchitis after suffering for several weeks from very intense and surprising seasonal allergies. I’m better.

I’ve resumed training, gradually, trying to regain my stamina. I’m no longer coughing. Well, not very often. I’m still not pleased to have to share the air with things green and pollinating.  I’ve been running on a treadmill to see whether that keeps the allergies away.   And now I’m ready to resume writing.   My biggest, most exciting news is that someone actually read my blog – a real live person whom I know and like – and with whom I don’t live  — and told me she liked my recipes. I’m doing back-flips with happiness.

As you might recall (assuming I’m not just talking to myself), for a couple of weeks I tried the eat-what-you-want-Paleo method.  (And the Slip-n-slide method, with delicious food being lovingly prepared by house guests who forced me to eat vast quantities of things like chocolate chip cookies and Yorkshire pudding with gravy. ) Despite the promises of fame, fortune and a Wasp-Waist, I didn’t lose weight by simply cutting out particular food groups.  Or maybe I would have had I avoided the Slip-n-slide.  My weight started creeping up by about half a pound a week.
I freaked out. That was the WRONG direction. I want to be lean at the starting lines this summer.  I took control on Saturday by returning to the tried and true from earlier this year. Paleo menu with portion control.

All diets start with a trip to the grocery store. Sadly, less than a week later, it's nearly all gone.

I feel better with my little digital scale and a half-cup measuring cup.  And just so there’s no whining from the Peanut Gallery, I already know that peanuts are legumes. I don’t have any other nut butters at the moment, and as you’ll see from the menu below, I wanted nut butter with my apple today. So there.  I’m not going to be perfect. Just pure enough.

I’ve tweaked my food plan to simplify the process of eating well and successfully getting to my goal weight.  Below is today’s menu.  This yields about 1800 calories.  I’m trying the calorie level for  a week. I could cut out one serving each of protein and fat, but so far, I feel pretty good and the scale is dropping.

Really yum. Butternut squash is quite sweet, to my surprise.

Here’s Monday’s lunch box.

The Food Barge

Here’s today’s menu.
8 oz 1% Milk (split between two espresso’s)
1 Egg
1 1/4 cups mixed fruit
1/4 medium Avocado
2 tbsp Peanut Butter
1 small Apple
3 oz Ham Lunch Meat
1 cup(s) Carrots (raw)
1 cup(s) Broccoli (raw)
4 slice(s) Tomato
4 Walnut(s)
8 oz 1% Milk
6 oz 100% Fruit Juice (fresh smoothie)
4 Almonds

DINNER ** to be decided
2 cup(s) Squash (winter, acorn, butternut)
3 oz Salmon
1 cup(s) Romaine Lettuce
1 cup(s) Broccoli (cooked)
2 tsp Olive Oil

POST-WORKOUT SNACK ** still pending
1/2 cup(s) Sweet Potato (cooked)
4 Egg White(s) [probably ham & 1 hb egg instead)
1/2 large Banana(s)

Some Paleo pundits say get off the milk. I like it in my coffee. I like cheese. And I like yoghurt. So if I can hit my calorie targets and avoid grains, I will leave milk products on my menu for the moment.  I am also enjoying eating four pieces of fruit. I know that other Paleo pundits say don’t eat fruit if you want to lose weight. Well, I have difficulty following that instruction. I tried leaving the fruit off my menu during the Maffetone challenge. I didn’t like it.  And that challenge was a bust since in the middle I was sentenced to the couch to recover from bronchitis.  I didn’t reasonably expect a better aerobic test after being sick for most of the challenge period.
Training today is recovery stretching and a swim. I might even hop on the bike trainer, depending on my energy level. But that’s wishful thinking on my part.  I’ve already lifted twice and run once this week. My legs are talking about it.  (Update: rode the bike for an hour. Pool later this week. IOU Stretching).

Fabulous French cheese. A little goes a long way.

See you tomorrow!