Stupid paleo. Day 1.

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These treats are in my office for guests. Not me.  Having declared my intention to be pure, I stopped myself from sampling them when I thought I would have to ‘fess up.

When I am writing on a deadline, like now, I like to nibble. I used to like Good-n-Plenty’s while writing.  Instead today I  nibbled on walnuts. Next time I’ll get some baby carrots.

I’ll be back to rat on myself about the day’s eats.  This morning, I enjoyed Oolong Ti Kwan-Yin. It was really good.  No milk. Then some black coffee at the office.  No latte.

I’d like to eliminate coffee too since it’s so acidic.  And because I found out last night that another close family member has an auto-immune disease.  But one successful change at a time.

Okay, here’s the recap: Ti Kwan Yin Oolong. Egg poached on spinach. A little bacon.  A little coconut oil.  Serious craving for cafe latte in the elevator when the smell of the contents of my colleague’s cup wafted over me. Black coffee instead. With scrambled eggs and two slices of deli ham.  From the canteen.

Lunch: strange looking roasted half chicken from the canteen. I peeled back the skin and the fat and picked at the meat. Then washed my hands. green beans. Not pure paleo, but green. A couple new potatoes. Not pure either, but okay.  Cucumber slices, tomato slices, walnuts. Salad greens grubbed straight from the bag. Snack:  More walnuts and some raw tuna.

Dinner: Lean boneless pork chops, spinach. Grass-fed butter. A cup of mixed frozen berries, defrosted, with a Tblsp. of coconut milk and a tsp. palm sugar.  The berries were too sour. Palm sugar is the new cool, eco food. It tasted like brown sugar and wasn’t too sweet. I don’t usually eat sugar. But I figured it was better choice  than Splenda for dealing with the berries.

1633 F 99.2g
C 68g
P 119.2g

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  1. You give a pen and purple post it notes to guests as a treat?


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