Pure enough. Day 2.

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(I sent this post just after midnight yesterday by email from my phone. It hasn’t shown up. So I’m reposting it. Otherwise I look like a slacker. And I’m not.)

First I have to ask why my gym has a candy bowl, pictured, by the door. Despite the germ factor, I will admit that in the past I’ve eaten some of these mints. But not today.

Food felt rushed. I squeezed eating into a busy day. To me, “pure paleo” doesn’t include protein powder supplements or teri-yaki beef jerky from a vending machine, but I had my reasons. They would being busy and not planning ahead. And I don’t have my numbers yet for the day, which is already yesterday. I will add them tomorrow. Rather, in the morning.

Food. I am doing great with no milk. That was the point of this blog, I think. Oolong Tea in the morning is good. At the office, I limited myself to one black coffee. Sometimes when I think I’m hungry, it’s really just thirst that my body is signaling. So roll call for today’s eats.

  • Fruit smoothie, protein powder and coconut milk.
  • Eggs and bacon and some salad garnish.
  • At the gym, fresh juice and protein powder.
  • Fish and carrots and salad.
  • Walnuts, tomato, half a small bag of beef jerky from the vending machine. A chunk of banana from a colleague who traded for some of my walnuts.
  • Home-made Chinese vegetables and chicken soup. Before swimming.
  • Tangerine, fruit smoothie. After swimming.

I don’t normally eat a lot of fruit. But I was quite hungry today after the gym, and hungry after the pool too.

Meal Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Breakfast 193 3.5g 24.9g 19.3g
Snack #1 302 22.1g 6.5g 19.9g
Lunch 325 5.9g 48.8g 20.6g
Snack #2 295 9.2g 19.2g 37.8g
Dinner 288 17.4g 2.0g 29.0g
Snack #3 152 0.6g 34.0g 2.1g
Percentage of Calories
1555 58.7g

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