slip sliding away. Day 3

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I worked late and when I got home the computer was in use well past my bedtime. I didn’t try to post from my phone. Getting enough sleep is really important. It is while we sleep that the body recovers, grows, repairs, etc. So if I really want the benefit of my training, I need to sleep enough. Good, deep sleep.

Meals yesterday were “Paleo Enough”, meaning I relied on protein shakes since I am quite busy and didn’t prepare my food in advance. Somehow the entire day slipped by without my drinking any coffee. Probably one of the first times that’s happened in 30 years. The Oolong tea has a strong flavor that I like in the morning, and I didn’t even think about having coffee. I am having a much easier time making my numbers for weight loss without drinking milk.

Roll call: protein shake with some berries and coconut cream and avocado; scrambled eggs and bacon with salad garnish; tuna salad out of a packet (good MRE if you don’t read the ingredients); and then fruit.

I was improvising since I didn’t bring my food and needed to work late. The canteen didn’t offer anything I would eat except fruit. So I made several selections and ate then until I got home: a navel orange, a banana and a pear. Plus, as the dirty container reminds me, a protein shake.

Dinner: steak grilled in the pan with butter and garlic chunks, spinach and lingonberries in a reduction of balsamic vinegar. Cashews while cooking.

Meal Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Breakfast 348 25.7g 15.1g 16.5g
Snack #1 392 22.1g 28.5g 20.4g
Lunch 135 8.2g 2.4g 12.9g
Snack #2 438 10.2g 69.6g 17.8g
Dinner 549 35.1g 16.9g 43.8g
Percentage of Calories
1862 101.3g

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