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Having to write tonight helped me choose food well. Coffee and milk for breakfast and mid-morning snack. Tuna salad on bed of greens with tomato and two hard-boiled eggs, plus some tasty pate. Dinner was quick and light before yoga. Meatballs in tomato sauce. Plus a yellow pepper. And a peach.

We returned from yoga just as the rain started (again). Snacks after yoga: banana, a peach and blueberries and more tuna.

Total Calories 1379
62g Fat 40%
134g Carbs 38%
80 g P 22%

The evening fruit added a lot of carbs. But also recharged after the bike rides and a 90 minute class. I feel satisfied. Now if I can wean myself of milk in my morning coffee.

Success requires managing the factors within our control.


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  1. I quit stevia. You can quit milk if you really want to. If you don’t really want to, how about cream instead? Make it count.


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