Whole Life Challenge 4 – the dark side of a point system

I did not plan my food today, except for the 2 minutes right before I ate. Zero nutrition points today. Because you can’t get a negative value for the day, I indulged in a half pint of Ben & Jerry’s too. The first skid came on my way to give a lecture, late (since I was at the gym) and expensive (since I had to take a taxi – the tram route was closed due to Princess Day, below). I figured a nut bar was better than going hungry.

More trouble as I was rushing to another appointment, walking past a shop where I have enjoyed many latte’s. So I had one. That hit the spot. And spilled on my slacks.

A busy couple hours followed. And I didn’t get home until nearly 7pm. And I had dinner duty and hadn’t planned. I thought that I’d have left earlier and been able to shop. I made leftovers from hotdogs and spaghetti, with cheddar cheese, garlic and chopped onions, and eggs. I didn’t eat it (so as to avoid the spaghetti). Instead I had a chunk of cheddar and some olives. Third point gone. Open the flood gates. Might as well eat some of the BJ’s my son took out of the freezer.

This is a good reminder that I cannot skip planning or skip meals. That is not a healthy habit.

Nevertheless, I kept the rest of my points – oil, w.o., mob. Onward.


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