Whole Life Challenge I

I rode the course for the World Road Cycling Championships on Saturday. 166 km. Lots of hills. Very cool to be following the “men’s elite course!”

Getting there (2.5 hrs away from home) and getting started by 8 a.m kept my attention. I had breakfast at the hotel, which offered little fresh food. So I decided today would be a zero for food. I could have planned a paleo recovery meal, but had fries instead and had a cafe latte after dinner without thinking about the WLC until after it arrived. I ate enough gel on the ride today that I never want to eat anything sweet ever again. But I made the rest of the day’s points. Stretched after 100 miles of cycling, and remembered the fish oil first thing in the morning.


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  1. This WLC thingy…..I don’t get it. That’s okay though, I’ll continue to follow along regardless. Great job on the ride!

  2. Thanks!

    The WLC is a not-quite-Paleo “game” being hosted by crossfit affiliates. Here’s the website https://www.wholelifechallenge.com/


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