Day 3: I fell through the floor

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I was delighted by the scale this morning registering 159.5, this especially after an intense training day and sore legs this morning.  When I look back at my training logs and the inflammation I felt, I wonder now if that inflammation was related to diet.  Looking back, I felt nervous about getting enough food to fuel my training and so used sports drinks and carbs. The result was bloat and weight gain.  This makes perfect sense when I look through the lens of hormonal balance (biology, not physics).

After reading about nutrition in Maffetone’s tome on Endurance Training, I decided it was reasonable to have fruit juice during intense training sessions. I had an intense 15 minutes of intervals on an indoor bicycle, which zapped me, and I wanted to lift too. So, I had some fresh crushed fruit at the club (about 330 ml).   This put the carb count up higher.

Yesterday’s numbers:

Day 2/45

Weight 160.5

Calories 2,093
Fat 136.4 grams ( 57 %)
Carbohydrate 82.8 grams (15 %)
Net carbs 47.1 grams
Dietary Fiber 35.1 grams
Protein 144.8 grams (28 %)


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