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I said I’d post every day, and now that I have a massive subscriber list, I will keep my word. I need to get up at half six to feed my boy and cycle in the morning, so this is a shortie.

Food. I asked myself what was I hungry for and listened. I felt like I ate a lot, but it was just the right amount.

Training tip: find someone to do it with. For some reason we will keep agreements we make with someone else more readily than we will with ourselves. In other words, we will let ourselves off the hook and show up when we’ve promised someone else. I made a plan to run with A. today at lunch. 11:45, to be precise. And it was in my appointment book. And I had my shoes and other gear. See yesterday’s tips. A wobbled when I phoned her to see when she’d be ready to go. A birthday lunch had arisen. She called the birthday boy, who wanted to celebrate next week instead. A called me back, and I said she had no excuse but to lace up. Truth be told, I felt "too tired" and felt in the verge of being hungry. But we ran and had a great time. I like her company and we are evenly paced. And it was sunny. So, find a buddy and keep your agreement. No skips.


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  1. I have been known to tell my training partner in the moments when they are trying to flake, “but you’ll get fat.” Very effective, though I try to use this technique sparingly.


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