Recipe: Ham and Asparagus Roll-ups

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These are to inspire you. They’re easy to assemble and taste good.

  • very tasty ham slices
  • asparagus stalks – at least one per slice of ham.
  • good French mustard

Boil the asparagus until it’s just barely tender. I usually cook them in a frying pan in a single layer, just covered with water. Stare at them so you don’t over cook them. They are Done when bright green. Test them by piercing the stalks with a fork.

Saute the ham in a skillet to take the chill off the meat and bring up the flavour.

Spread some mustard on each slice. Put one or two asparagus stalks on the slice and roll.


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  1. Great idea. I could package these up for travel.

    What is your favorite mustard to use with these?

  2. I like Grey Poupon Dijon mustard. You could also try some whole grain mustard.

  3. Thanks for posting these – the photos really help me figure out what you’re eating vs. just the food list. I would eat this except with turkey breast because I don’t like ham, but love the of an asparagus and mustard meat roll.

    • I like making simple meals with only a few, fresh ingredients that have a lot of flavor. I’m glad you like the photos.


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