Nourishing my spirit

Today I used a long run on the beach to nourish my spirit. I ran some and walked some. I let go of worries. I connected with my breath. I didn’t push my pace. I felt the need to restore rather than build anew.

Odie frolicked in the water and played with other dogs. I thought about the ways we create joy in our lives. Breathing deeply. Laughter. Flowers. Sunrises and sunsets. Long bike rides. Playing games. Cooking good meals and sharing them. A hot soak in the tub. Clean sheets and a soft pillow. A good book. These things are pleasure. I want real joy. I want to go deeper.


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  1. I am really impressed. I want to be able to restore and reconnect as well. To have real joy. Has been a long time ago. To much hurry, to much pressure.

    Thank you so much. Will do better tomorrow. Some where between work, very important business meating, cleaning the house, swimming exame and financials. Like I said. To much.

    The trainer (R)


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