3 seconds

That’s all it takes to stay on task in the face of a triggering thought. A three-second pause. In that moment we have a chance to label the thought and decide to stand firm. Giving in erodes our confidence in our ability to keep our agreements with ourselves.

In that moment, we can ask the 10/10/10 questions. If I give in, how will I feel in ten minutes, ten days, ten months? Or you can scan even further into the future. If nothing changes, how will I feel in ten years? What is the aftermath of continually giving in to a craving or a food trigger?

In that moment, we can also accentuate the positive. If I can tolerate saying no to this craving, I will get the benefits of my food plan.

The most direct way to relief is the power of No Choice. This ends the struggle-reminding ourselves that the decision has already been made and we are sticking with our plan. This is the pathway to pride in ourselves.

Once you’ve interrupted the triggering thought, you can put some other strategies into play. Get some distance from the trigger. Go to another room, discard the food, or put it away. You might also try drinking some cold water. Or get busy doing something else.

Just three seconds to victory.


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