super power foods

I’m ready to get back into “lean out” mode. Reflecting on my goals for 2012, I see that I can maintain my weight with ease. And I can put the brakes on “chart creep”.

However, I’m determined to make sports – particularly running – more fun by lightening up. So today I cracked open my training logs and diet advice from a variety of sources and formulated the beginnings of a plan. I have several goals – fat loss; optimal health; super powers.

On fat loss, Robb Wolf wrote an interesting postlately in which he concluded that calories do matter. I have to agree. I’ve been most successful in shrinking my waist line when I’ve combined low carb and low cal. I figured out my BMR and maintenance intake and made several pages of notes on the various ways to calculate these numbers. I’m convinced though it’s a WAG. Pick a number, give it a try, keep good records, evaluate results.

On optimal health, I like the science behind avoiding gluten and lectins. I have been experiencing some joint pain lately, and I’d like to see whether I can reduce bodily inflammation with diet. I keep wishing that I could kick the milk habit, but I love my lattes. Or rather, the sugar in milk. I notice that when I substitute coconut milk, I still like the taste, but I don’t finish my coffee. So I’m (again) thinking about kicking the coffee (as a way to kick the dairy). I will maintain skeptical optimism as we enter the New Year.

On super powers, I have been reading about low-carb athletic performance. Again, I am intrigued, but have not “made the switch.” When I look at my training journal, I have gained between 5 and 10 lbs. during training season every year. I think that’s got to be some muscle, some bodily adaptation (blood volume etc.) and some fat stored in reaction to eating sugary foods (gatorade, gel, etc.) and eating more than I am using. I’m also intrigued by the ketogenic version of the diet recommended by Dr Wahl to ensure mitochondria are adequately nourished.

All this pondering leaves me with the question, What’s for dinner?

My plan is to build meal templates that will meet my calorie goals and stick to the plan. A lot of folks are planning a Paleo January (or a Whole 30). I am going to resist the suggestion to stay away from the scale and to refrain from weighing & measuring. I already eat really well. I have some specific goals that I think I can achieve through gathering data (through measurement and observation), not just by putting good food on my plate. I’ll share the details as I get them worked out.


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