Day 5 & 6: magic cloud

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when the internet is not accessible, suddenly I realise how much a part of my life it has become.

My weight & body fat are both dropping nicely. 159.5 158.5 this morning.  Thursday gym fest. Friday dune ride and swim practice. I felt a lot of power in my stroke yesterday. I need to bring my food log up to date. I recorded items on paper when I couldn’t reach the magic cloud.  Eating according to appetite and minding my carbohydrate intake is SO MUCH EASIER that trying for a specific calorie count (e.g., 1600 or 1700) and a particular ratio.  Taubes suggests that the  diets that work do so because of the reduction in refined carbs (give up sodas, sweets, desserts, cut back on portions, etc.).  I was finding it quite time consuming to plan meals ahead of time – frankly, so time consuming that I rarely did it. I would check my “balance” before dinner and then adjust.  The amount of mental gymnastics that seemed to be required to lose weight struck me as unnatural.

My graph on the Hacker’s Diet includes an estimated calorie deficit:  “Weekly loss 0.62 pounds. Daily deficit: 311 calories.”   The idea that my weight would change with a mere deficit of 50 calories a week seemed unreasonable.  Granted, the website offers a traditional calorie-deficit theory of weight loss. What I like is the weighted average of the weight loss graph. That’s more helpful to me to avoid feeling buffeted by daily changes in the scale.  For the same reason, I also like “The Google 15“.    You can see the obvious progress I am making with No Sugar No Starch.


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