and then hayfever set in.

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I wrote about having a sore throat on the 18th. Little did I know what was in store. I thought I was coming down with a cold. Worse. I’ve spent the last three weeks feeling miserable with never-ending hay fever. I got some race-safe medication on Friday, which has stopped the water-works somewhat. I will spare you the details.

8+21 must make this day 30 of my 45 day challenge, which of late has been about trying to breathe without coughing. So much for accountability and stupid goal setting. Or it’s day 29. Or I can make the 30-day challenge over and begin anew. Every day we begin again.

Really, I didn’t have the energy to write or train. Except for my accountability partner, since she was willing to listen to me whine. Or maybe since it’s email, she rightfully ignored me. But actually she did reply with encouragement.

So I have moved back to the 160’s for the moment. I’m feeling less wheezy and slightly more energetic. And soon, I will say Farewell to my house guests who have made really delicious food. I decided I would like all my meals to be really delicious. And maybe I won’t want to eat foil covered Easter chocolate. But they’re gone now. Thankfully. I’ve silenced them. Those silky-seductive voices of sugary smooth chocolate eggs that melt snug up to the roof of your mouth. No more.

I am motivated to get back to my former pure state and move back into the 150’s. Stay tuned.

Food today:
espresso and some 2% milk.
2 x the following:
20 g walnuts; 75 g blueberries and 2 HB eggs

Lunch was two tired filets of sole (it wasn’t the fault of the fish) decorated by some very tiny shrimp
green beans, salad greens without dressing
espresso with some cream
lots of water.

Dinner: TBA.

Tonight I start planning my food, since the chefs will leave the house early tomorrow.

PS. I arrived home to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, a fabulous meatloaf and Yorkshire pudding. I enjoyed everything I ate. Today was a rest day from training. Tomorrow – the two-week Maffetone Challenge.


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  1. You have many accountability partners out here in the ether.


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