Day 8/45. I’ve moved house to the 150’s

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Sunday I enjoyed an excellent training ride. The first half I felt like I should have stayed home because of a sore throat and sniffles, but I took it easy and eventually I felt like I was in top form.  I was attentive to the limits for the first two hours and then I was overcome by the sunshine and good weather and went very fast for about 45 minutes and then had a leisurely cool down. (oops. I’m not apologetic or repentant, however. 🙂

What a difference a year makes. I feel more confident in my bike handling and I don’t need the granny ring to stay within the heart rate range.

Low carb Paleo continues to feel sustainable and healthy for me.  At the gym Thursday the scale showed 27% body fat, down from 35% before Christmas. I’ve put on muscle and burned off fat. And I think I’ve finally broken through the plateau of 160-61 where I’ve been hovering for more than a month.

Sunday’s eats:

Calories 2,569
Fat 115.3g 40%
Carbohydrate 238.4g 36%
Dietary Fiber 33.7
Protein 152.3g 25%

Greek yogurt & strawberries (twice); salmon and cucumbers; Hammer Perpetum during the ride, plus dates! fruit smoothie with egg whites; pate and cucumbers; one small but dangerous handful of freshly popped popcorn; steak, fresh white asparagus, green beans.

While riding, I preferred the dates to the Perpetum.


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