Okay. It’s now.

My October challenge was a bust. Just as soon as I stopped drinking coffee, I went to a training program that included machines in the meeting room that dispensed freshly-brewed cappuccino for free. I confess I was a push-button junkie for a week. I also had a week’s vacation with family and I thoroughly enjoyed their company and the cookies.

So rather than thinking about a challenge for November, my plan is to focus on today. Right now. The only moment where I can exercise the power of choice.

Today was the first day (again) of moving myself towards my lean-n-healthy goal. I made my numbers. I planned every meal to include vegetables – zucchini with my eggs this morning, a big salad at lunch and sauteed cabbage and some yellow pepper strips with dinner.

Fitness today: drive to the airport. walk the dog.

My goal is to lose at least 8 lbs by my birthday on 1 December. And to re-train my brain.

1. Why change what I eat and get leaner?

  • reduce my risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • run a faster half-marathon (run a faster marathon?) (out-run the grim reaper, or at least the course sweeper)
  • continue to be able to play hard and keep up with my sons
  • feel comfortable in my own skin. My clothes fit well. They’re not too tight.
  • I can say I DID IT! I REACHED MY GOAL.
  • I will move from (perpetual) "dieting" to "maintenance" and stop renting so much space in my head to this particular goal. Enough already.

2. What’s going to be my reminder system?

I put a reminder in Rootein. And put this list in my calendar.

When I continually remind myself
of all the reasons I want to lose weight,
dieting will be easier.



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  1. LOLd at the cartoon. 🙂

    Moments of clarity for me lately. Maybe if I write them down here, I will remember them when I need them most. Maybe they’ll help you too.

    * Overeating causes inflammation. I know this from my own experience, but until I saw it written down recently I never made the black-and-white connection. I don’t want to be inflamed, so why do I keep overeating.

    * I never feel more alive, vital, sharp, energized than when I am eating a proper amount of food.

    Are you still debating milk? In case you need motivation to quit here’s a good video explanation of why you want to stop drinking it: http://undergroundwellness.com/devil-in-the-milk-part-1/

    • Kim, that’s really interesting. I’m wondering if there is more detailed information about that theory, and more importantly, how on earth will I figure out the type of cows producing Dutch cheese? My conflict with giving up milk is with the notion that when trying to diet, don’t give up all the foods you love. I’ll see how this week goes. Usually I get tired of milk-fat when I go low carb and start craving fresh foods. Thanks for sharing the link.


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