This time it will be different

How many times have we said that to ourselves? Well, if you’ve joined a 30-day Paleo Challenge, you have the know-how, but will you follow through on the behaviors? Are you willing to commit the time and energy required to take care of yourself? Have you lined up some social support?

What will it take to break the cycle of lose-only-to-regain? Are we weak-willed? Not sufficiently motivated? Are our bodies broken? We just can’t lose weight no matter what we try? Well, I think we should stop blaming ourselves. I think we can train our brains into a new way of thinking that will ensure success and a lasting transformation.

Actions and feelings follow thoughts. If we can identify thoughts that lead us away from our goal and interrupt them, we can stay on track. Weight loss will be easier. We can plan ahead for rough patches and face challenges with confidence.

Today was a +1. I made good choices. I didn’t eat food that was outside my plan. I felt fully committed to success. I read my reminder about why I want to "eat lean." I reminded myself I am following a healthy eating plan and I stuck to this decision.

And I came back to share my enthusiasm here. Public accountability is positive pressure. At least my friends are reading! What’s your strategy for success?

My plan is to post daily for the next six weeks as I re-train my brain and improve my health by getting leaner.



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  1. +1 for accountability. You sound determined!


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