56 days until another set of New Year’s resolutions

I think I made some last year. I can’t remember.  But I figure, why weight until 1 January. I have goals. And action steps. Some big, some small, all moving.   Why wait until January? Everything begins with an idea. So conjure up your future now!  An internet friend gave me this inspiration. I too can have 13 percent body fat and great abs.

Hope springs eternal.

I tried a planned indulgence aka cheat-day today. It was weird. To purposely and deliberately eat exactly what I want. Which makes me wonder why not eat like this all the time. Why should I eat something I don’t want to eat? Like fake diet food.

What I noticed is that I asked myself before eating, do I want that? Do I want more? I stopped eating when I felt satisfied (good). And didn’t want more even though technically I could eat as much as I wanted on this Planned Indulgence Day. But I didn’t want to feel sick, which I would if I ate when I didn’t want to.  Very strange. Let’s see how I feel in the morning and whether next week I have any interest in another day of planned indulgences.  Either this is a good idea or one-helluva-way to derail what’s been a good streak of 10 days of dieting.  Maybe I will have to pick up another white chip tomorrow.


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