Guilt-free eating

Last night I had a dinner engagement with colleagues from work. The restaurant offered two menus: fixed and surprise. What to do. In the past, “business dinners” have caused me some anxiety over whether to try to eat according to my food plan (and thus decline the bread basket, leave certain foods on my plate, skip the inevitable dessert) or to eat what is served to me.

Last night I decided to use my weekly cheat meal. As it turned out, the feast was one primarily for the eyes. Three-plus hours later, I left the restaurant still feeling more than a little hungry. I thoroughly enjoyed the food. I ate the one dinner roll offered and the dessert (which included an incredible coffee-flavoured ice cream and other indescribable delights). I could have but didn’t ask for non-dairy selections. I felt comfortable at the table and relaxed about my food choices. Afterwards I felt a little “cheated” in my cheat meal selection since I had not stuffed myself with “forbidden” foods.

I credit my comfort level with having made the decision in advance that I would eat what I wanted and enjoy myself. That was easier than having to make on-the-spot decisions all night long in reaction to a tempting food and feeling regret that I had planned but failed to avoid certain food items.

And the best news is I’ve met my first weight-loss milestone of five pounds.


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