pure. paleo. january.

Okay Paleo peeps. I’m tired of counting calories. I’m leaner than I was the last time I wrote. But alas I got busier too and stopped sending you all my love. Now I’m back. And planning a Pure Paleo January challenge. Really. This time, no dairy, even if it means keeping the espresso pot in the drawer. And no cheats for a whole month. I will try to reach the Whole30 nirvana. And my focus will be on meal planning. I am pouring over Well Fed. Apart from wishing I wrote it, I love it! Beautiful photos of creative recipes that I can make. Plus tips on how to make a work week work around Paleo.

So I’m going to treat myself like I’m a member of a really cool gym and take this advice. One hundred percent compliance. Thirty days. Let the magic begin.

And no counting calories in January. I have about six to eight more weeks of off-season training volume. I have a funky 10.5 km off-road race followed by a half marathon, followed by the Amstel Gold century tour, and then I’ll be training again for 70.3. Lighter, healthier, leaner, faster, stronger.

Quote for today – Greg Lemond. “It never gets easier, you just go faster.”

I’ll be back tomorrow as these January plans start to take shape.


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  1. Hello! Love that you’re reading Well Fed, and I just had a blast reading your bio. I was a late-onset triathlete, too. I did the Wildflower Half Ironman in 2000, and I was the very last finisher: 9.5 hours. OMG! I can’t believe I did that. It was 50lbs. ago and before I really knew anything about nutrition.

    Anyway… yay for you! Hope you enjoy Well Fed.

    • Congratulations. I’ve heard Wildflower is a great course. Last is fantastic! I was next to last when I ran the Rotterdam marathon. Your comment made me realise I never updated my bio! Done.

  2. So cool that you got Melissa’s book. She seems like a neat person and her chili recipe is super yum.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to support your challenge. I pretty much follow the Whole30 all the time (except for honey and stevia). If you need help…..ASK!

  3. Greg’s quote is true, true, true. And the Wildflower name is deceiving – it sounds all flowery and friendly but everybody says it’s a beast. Yay for finishing.


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