game on!

Mid-June will be just the right time for an Olympic distance triathlon. So I’ve pre-registered for a race in Brugge that some club-mates will be doing. That’s a refreshing 935 m swim, a 45km bike ride and a 10k run. Basically, go hard & fast.

Pile on the positive pressure! Time to get back in the pool.

I checked out QM’s list making link (shared in yesterday’s comment). They have an app for my phone [bonus] and I just might give it a try to help me with meal planning and shopping. They also have a method of sharing recipes. I looked at COZI yesterday, but they don’t have an App for phones in Europe yet. Boo. And I already use Google Calendar as my second brain. So I don’t really want to start up a second system. I want a meal planning suite that will let me park my meal plans in a calendar and then help me make a shopping list. I have tried meal plans from Training Peaks. I adore Paleo Chef and triathlete Nell Stephenson, but the UI for Training Peaks is awful (inconsistent ingredient selections and inadequate portion information makes for poor lists).

I’m still thinking about my cookbook plans, and it occurred to me I could use Living Cookbook. Just at the same time, they sent me information about recipe blogs and how their software can be used to do just what I am thinking about. But first, write up some ideas and test them.

Living Cookbook Recipe Management Software

Today I was reflecting on how to cope with a difficulty. I remembered that I’ve gone through difficult times in my life in the past, and they’ve always brought me gifts. Sometimes it takes a while to recognise the gifts, but they’re always there.


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