I’ve been keeping a food journal with my camera. What an eye opener. I eat the same things repeatedly, and I drink coffee. A lot. And not as many veggies as I think I should.

The earlier-breakfast task from last week was a success most days of the week. This week – eat more greens.

I find that in cold weather I’m not as interested in eating salads with my dinner. But I love soup. This weekend I threw a bunch of stuff from the crisper drawer (carrots, onions ) into my steam pot and chopped up a cauliflower. That went into the pot too. A little coconut milk and some piri piri turned the mix into a tasty soup. I added two soft boiled eggs on top. Just right.

Below are packaged veggies from the high school vending machine, a perfect snack to enjoy while watching my sons play.



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