really easy, really delicious roasted Brussels Sprouts*

*even my husband likes these.


these tasty little bites can be made while you are roasting something else. they take less than 20 minutes to roast, so you can time them to be done with the rest of the meal.

a bag of Brussels sprouts (~500g) – the little fresh ones are sweetest
1 T olive oil
1 t iodized sea salt
(squeeze of lemon)

preheat oven to hot (225c or 450f) and move one of the racks to the bottom.
slice sprouts in half (north to south), removing any yucky outside leaves. slice off the base if it’s hard and discolored.
in a bowl, mix oil and salt
add the sprouts and stir, covering them with the oil
place the sprouts flat side down in a single layer on a tray or jelly roll pan
cover the pan with a sheet of tin foil
put the pan on the bottom rack
roast for about 8 minutes, 10 if the sprouts are larger
remove the tin foil and continue roasting for another 8 or 10 minutes
look to see if they are done. that means, a little brown, not burnt.

Before or after roasting, you can grind some fresh pepper on the sprouts. you can also brighten the flavor with a squeeze of lemon juice (that’s about 1 tsp).

I like these hot or cold. Enjoy!


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