low carb paleo

I’m trying a new approach to eating well. Remember the super power diet? With super foods. Only better. No sugar, no starch. Lots of greens. Moderate protein.

This past week I felt well-nourished and satisfied. No cravings. Lots of energy. I averaged about 60 grams of carbohydrates (30 net of fibre), mostly from vegetables. I am following a recommendation for diabetics to control their blood sugar by reducing their carbohydrates. This is helping my waist-line. Stay tuned. It might just be that I’ve discovered Paleo nirvana.



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  1. Agree completely. When I finally did the math on my blood work (as defined by Robb Wolf) I realized I am insulin resistant. I denied it for so long.

    Not sure if lower carb is actually helping me lose weight, but at least I’m not a blown-up balloon at the end of the day as I was when I was at 120-150 grams/day. What on earth will I do with all the sweet potatoes and bananas in my freezer.

    • This lurch in my meal planning comes from (again recalling) the need to avoid diabetes. This fall I cooked a lot of winter squash and froze it, and now I’m asking myself the same question – esp about the $$ sports drink and gel I have for tri-training. Better to go to waste than go to waist?

  2. Feed all the squash to those hungry boys of yours.

    Feel free to post your eats for us to enjoy. 🙂 Even without fruit or starchy veg, I’m having a hard time getting below 70-80 grams. Paleo + AIP + low carb….sheesh! that’s difficult!


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