soft-boiled eggs with Swiss chard

I am looking for ways to add greens to my meals and to rock out of my food rut. Instead of saying “I should” to myself, I ask my brain, “how could we do this….” Solutions, rather than shoulds.

This morning I loathed the idea of fried eggs. Instead, I spied some fresh baby chard and thought, why not for breakfast?

I paired soft-boiled eggs with the Swiss chard, which I sautéed lightly in bacon drippings.

I started the eggs before the greens. They were done at the same time. A twist of pepper and a dollop of balsamic vinegar creme and voilà! Very satisfying.



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  1. Excellent usage of the classics-greens, eggs, bacon. The acid balancing is brilliant- straight out of Culinary 101.

    I have little appetite before 13:00 and need to entice myself to eat. Things like crispy fried kale and spinach help ease the boredom of salads. I also take advantage of fast-wilting greens in a hot saute’with garlic, chile and white wine as a bed for poached eggs at brunchtime.

    I shove greens into anything I can, but you made the most elegant breakfast out there among culinarians. Brava, Athena!

  2. I like the idea of adding garlic and chile! Yummy.


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