Just try it.

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sometimes you just have to say YES to cravings. Best Ever.

Chicken livers.


you’ll need a non-stick fry pan or well seasoned iron skillet.

400g chicken livers (about a US pound).
chili flakes in a pepper grinder
1 T butter
1 t minced onion
2 T balsamic vinegar

saute the onions for a little bit in the non-stick pan over a medium fire. then add the chicken livers. grind the chili flakes onto the livers. flip once or twice, move the ones on the outside to the center. they’ll cook to medium rare in about 4-5 minutes. Put them on a plate.

Put 1 tbl butter into the fry pan, add 2 tbl vinegar. melt, reduce. put the livers back into the pan. stir it up.

Serve immediately.

After offering tastes to all interested family members, eat the rest yourself.


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