Days 10-18: getting up to date

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Sorry fan club. But keeping you informed rated last on my dance card the last  10 days or so. Since my last post (last month!), I’ve been earning my keep.  Despite the long hours, I’ve trained with purpose and logged my food and stayed “pretty pure.” I can report one slice of bread. One pain au chocolate (this morning). One sweet and sour gummy worm. More than a few lattes. Otherwise, clean eats.

Daily averages:  the last week has been maintenance (1900 calories, 100 g protein, 200 g carbs, 83 g fat).   The carb count is out of whack due to a 3.5 hour bike ride. Carb load the days leading up to the ride plus food fest during the ride.  Nevertheless, I continue to drop body fat, down another 1% in the last two weeks, plus added some muscle. This according to the oracle at the gym.

Monday I will be joined by an accountability buddy. A real live person. Not just an imaginary internet crowd and my one subscriber.  And we’re on for 45 days. I like competition. If she can do it, so can I.  And my accountability buddy helped me get to last year’s 70.3 starting line.  So I know she’ll kick my a$$ if I slip up even a bit.  That means I’m back to daily check-in’s. And public shaming accountability.  How about you? Are you moving toward or away from your goals? There’s no standing still. Time never stops. And nothing lasts.

As an apology of sorts for being AWOL, I’ll give you this link to read about Paleo 2.0.  Food for thought. Now I’m going out for a run.


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