Reboot Day 1: New 45 day accountability push

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I’ve been hovering between 160-162 for a month. I’ve been eating very well and training hard. All good.  But the starting line draws closer with each passing day, and I’m determined to “lighten up”.

So I’ve teamed up with a kick-ass accountability partner whose inner drill sergeant gives me nightmares. We’ve agreed to a 45-day challenge. We were going to make it a 30-day challenge, but we’re endurance athletes.  And 45 days is well, longer than 30.

For the next two weeks, I’m stripping the carbs from my plate, specifically fruit smoothies. I think that will get the scale moving again.   Here’s my reminder: Rootein.

Plus I am accountable for my triathlon training plan, especially swim practice.  So you can look forward to a daily whinge report from me here.

The numbers from the gym scale on Thursday were heartening:  lower body fat, more muscle. That’s positive change!


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