catching the thoughts that mislead

Success starts with a thought. So does eating. Trigger => thought => action.

Triggers for me are seeing a food I like, feeling a little hungry, wanting to relax and enjoy myself. Thought? I deserve this. I want that. It doesn’t matter.

Strategy: observe and interrupt the thought with another one, perhaps one that I’ve practiced ahead of time.

This strategy worked today. When you order a cup of coffee in Holland, chances are high you’ll get a cookie on the side. This morning I found myself at the basketball hall watching my son’s game. My carefully-prepared Thermos full of coffee was still on the dining room table. I said no thanks to the cookie that came with each coffee. Not on my plan. Wheat, sugar, carbs. I want success more than a little vanilla sugar cookie in a package. Even my friend’s daughter turned down the cookie. And as far as I could tell, she wasn’t dieting. Who knew? I can say no to cookies. I can say yes to success.

So far, so good. I can do this.


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  1. Today, I did not say no, thanks to the cookie……… weak spot…cookies. trying a plan for dinner tonight but frustrated with uninvited guests for dinner! It’s a plan.


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